If you want the Best Electrical and Motor Controls and Programmable Controllers (PLC) training
you have come to the right place.

It is a well known fact that electrical and automated PLC-based equipment is inherently not safe if not operated and worked on by trained personnel. Not only are people at risk, but equipment and productivity are also at stake and therefore your plant’s profitability. 

Our training will help you:
With a Safe troubleshooting practices approach to your production control equipment
Create or enhance your Continuous Improvement program at your location
Protect equipment assets and personnel

  • We offer your staff proper skills training which will help you protect and prevent equipment damage

  • Our training reinforces your staff with the understanding of control equipment operation,
    correct procedures and techniques to be used during troubleshooting

  • Our training reinforces the important safety concerns that must be maintain during
    troubleshooting of equipment to keep your staff safe

  • Our training will help eliminate “dangerous situations” in your maintenance engineering
    operations from lack of proper training, skills and troubleshooting techniques

  • Reduce downtime. It is estimated that 30-40% of downtime can be directly attributable to a
    shortcomings in skill levels and training, therefore decreasing production efficiency

Additionally, our programs have many tips on how to improve operations and save money by preventing many potential problems.

In addition to enforcing and maintaining the National Electric Code (NEC), our programs also help complement and support

the employee training requirements of OSHA 29 CFR 1090.332 and ISO 9000 Section 4.18 regulations

Our Programs are available in DVD format and CD-Rom Interactive
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Training Programs
You can purchase our programs as a complete Series and save or simply purchase the individual programs you need.
To find out more information on these programs click below.
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Electrical and Motor Controls Training Series (View Demos)
(10 programs in series)-The best electrical program in the market

PLC Training Series (View Demos)
(10 modules in series)-The best PLC program in the market

Training Validation
Our practice, testing and assessment software is built-in our CD-Rom Interactive product.
The perfect way to validate the training.

Confirm your training program with our exclusive CD-Rom Interactive programs, the testing software in the program will do all the work for you. It tests the concepts explained in the program and it's available on each of our CD-Rom Interactive training programs.

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