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The best PLC training program in the country. Guaranteed.

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Product # 800:  Ten Programs, and Student Kit- $3258 (10% off List)
A comprehensive PLC program applicable to all makes and models of PLCs without requiring any prior PLC knowledge. The program starts off with the basics, thoroughly explains the hardware section of the controller, moves on to both basic and advanced programming topics, and wraps up with proper system implementation guidelines.

It's even easy to train multiple people—simply order additional student kits.

The PLC Series Includes (DVD):
  • Ten Programs - the first three programs introduce basic PLC principles and operation. The next three cover hardware including discrete and analog I/O. The next four explain basic and advanced programming techniques and how to properly implement a PLC-based system.
  • Instructor's Guide and Answer Key
  • Master set of exams
  • Student Kit includes:
    • Reference Handbook - reinforces the material in the videos and provides review questions and answers.
    • Course Completion Certificate

Also available for this program:
The Built-in CD-Rom Testing Software - tests people on the topics presented in the videos and provides results you can measure. With over 950 review and assessment questions, you can be sure that your people understand the material. Our testing, however, does more than just quiz your people—it validates your training.

Product # 800:  Ten Videos, and Student Kit- $2997

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