AC Motor Controls
and Troubleshooting


Part 1 (31:44 min)
  • 1-Phase and 3-Phase AC Motor Components and Operation
  • Types of 1-Phase Motors: Split Phase and Capacitor Motors
  • Starting and Accelerating 1-Phase and 3-Phase AC Motors
  • Selecting Motor Starters: Across-the-Line and Reduced-Voltage
  • Types of Reduced Starters: Primary Resistor, Auto-Transformer, Part Winding, Wye-Delta and Solid-State
  • Operation of All Reduced Starts, Wiring, and Connections
Part 2 (32:27 min)
  • Reversing Circuits for 1-Phase and 3-Phase AC Motors
  • Speed Control: Multispeed Motors and Variable Frequency
  • Introduction to AC Drive Speed Control (Inverters)
  • Braking Circuits Using Plugging (Zero-Speed) Switches
  • Troubleshooting 1-Phase and 3-Phase AC Motors at the Power Section (Branch Circuit) and Wiring Circuit
  • Finding Open and Short Circuits
  • Detection of Serious AC Motor Symptoms



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