AC Motor Controls and
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Product # 747
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Topics covered in each DVD

You need to know the basics when it comes to AC motor controls and this program explains just that. More importantly, it shows you how to quickly identify the root cause of a problem in an AC motor.

We show you how to check the windings for open conditions, isolate a problem to either the circuit or the motor, and much more. We even cover the telltale symptoms of premature motor failure.

Need the same information about DC motors? Our Product # 749 covers DC motor controls and troubleshooting.

Cut AC Motor Troubleshooting Time in Half
  • Troubleshoot solid-state starters by quickly detecting misfirings of SCRs
  • Learn to identify the hidden problems that can cause your motor to fail
  • Troubleshoot across-the-line start motors as well as the five types of
    reduced-voltage start motors
  • Solve the trickiest reduced-voltage start problem
  • Understand how variable speed drives work and where to look to
    solve problems
  • Quickly troubleshoot multispeed motors and their circuits—learn how
    to double check the connections
  • Troubleshoot the different reversing methods and circuits used with
    AC motors

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