Understanding and
Applying PLCs in
Electrical Controls


Part 1 (31:33 min)
  • PLC Principles of Operation
  • Ladder Diagrams and the PLC
  • Ladder Symbology and Power Flow: Continuity and Logic
  • Binary Concepts and Number Systems Used in PLCs
  • Input/Output (I/O) System Addressing and Structure
  • Discrete I/O Modules: Interface Installation and Wiring
  • Basic Relay Instructions
Part 2 (33:20 min)
  • Timer Control: ON-delay and OFF-delay Timers
  • PLC Control Circuit Examples and Implementations: Start/Stop Motor Circuit (2-Wire and 3-Wire Control), Wiring and Interfacing to Magnetic Starters, Reversing Motor Control Using a PLC, and Implementation of Timer Control and Interlocking
  • Troubleshooting the CPU and I/O System
  • Isolating Faults
  • Sections to Leave Hardwired for Safety Reasons
  • PLC Preventive Maintenance



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