DC Motor Controls
and Troubleshooting


Part 1 (17:10 min)
  • Components and Operation of DC Motors Types: Series, Shunt, and Compound
  • Application, Characteristics and Uses of Series, Shunt, and Compound DC Motors and their Wiring Connections
  • Field Winding and Armature Winding Circuit Representation
  • Starting DC Motors
  • Reversing DC Motors Using Drum Switches, Manual, and Magnetic Starters
  • Speed Control of DC Motors
Part 2 (21:03 min)
  • Acceleration of DC Motors Using Variable Resistance and Solid-State Controls
  • SCR Operation and Basic Troubleshooting
  • Introduction to DC Drive Speed Control
  • Deceleration Circuits and Methods Used with DC Motors: Plugging, Regenerative Braking, and Friction Brakes
  • Troubleshooting Series, Shunt, and Compound DC Motors
  • Checking for Open and Short Circuits in DC Motors



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