DC Motor Controls and
"You covered a huge abount of detail well. It was very easy to understand." - Jeff Camp, Senior Systems Engineer, United Control

Product # 749
One DVD Program and one Student Kit- $362

Product # 
Each additional Student Kit for DVD includes one reference handbook and course completion certificate - $32 
Topics covered in each DVD

Just like Product # 747 - AC Motor Controls and Troubleshooting - this program teaches the fundamentals of DC motor controls. In addition, we also explain how to look for the signs and symptoms of a failing motor.

We show you how to troubleshoot all of the DC motors found in your plant as well as how to prevent a motor from failing and shutting down a production line.

Troubleshoot and Avoid DC Motor Failure
  • Keep the production line running—learn to troubleshoot and control
    the speed of DC motors
  • Avoid the most common mistakes made during the installation and maintenance of brushes
  • Learn how to detect an SCR fault in the power bridge of a DC drive
  • See how noise can affect the operation of a DC drive and learn how
    to correct it
  • Troubleshoot both the circuits and components used in the three
    most common methods of decelerating a DC motor
  • Bring full-voltage and reduced-voltage DC motors back on-line fast

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