Sizing the Protection of Motors and
Control Circuits
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Product # 737D
One DVD Program and one Student Kit- $362

Product # 
Each additional Student Kit for DVD includes one reference handbook and course completion certificate - $32
Topics covered in each DVD

Some skills, such as reading motor nameplates, may be basic but are still important. The information in this program is extremely important because if someone makes a mistake, not only will you not be up to code, but a dangerous situation could occur.

Combine this program with Product # 733 - Introduction to Motor Control Operations and Protection - and you'll not only be able to prevent future problems, but also spot and solve problems that may have been lurking in your plant for years.

Keep Everything Up to Code—Prevent Electrical Fires
  • Use our six-step method to implement and maintain a safe motor branch circuit
  • Time-delay or non time-delay fuses—know which one to use to provide
    the best protection
  • Reading nameplates isn't enough—everyone needs to understand what they mean and know how to use this information
  • Choose safe conductors and protection devices
  • Choose the right NEMA starter for your motor
  • Protect yourself against both overloads and short circuits
  • The motor dictates circuit design, protection, and components—know how to get the requirements from Article 430 and make your job easier

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