Introduction to Motor Control Operations and Protection


Part 1 (31:21 min)
  • Understanding, Application, Installation, and Wiring of Contactors, and Manual and Magnetic Motor Starters
  • Types of Motor Starters: Full-Voltage, Combination, Reversing, Two-Speed and Reduced-Voltage
  • Arc Suppression and Protection in Contactors and Starters
  • Motor and Circuit Protection: Fuses (Single and Double Element), Circuit Breakers (Magnetic and Thermal) and Overloads (Eutectic, Bimetal, and Solid-State)
Part 2 (33:11 min)
  • Understanding Motor Protection Curves, Overload Conditions, and Proper Sizing of Heater Elements
  • Use of Double-Element Fuses as Motor Backup Protection
  • Controlling Motor Operations and Plugging
  • Understanding Electrical and Wiring Control Diagrams
  • 2-Wire and 3-Wire Control: Application and Uses
  • Low-Voltage Release and Low-Voltage Protection
  • Causes That Make Motors Fail: Symptoms and Prevention



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