Preventive Maintenance and
Troubleshooting Control Circuits
"Your video programs are convenient to schedule. We can train all three of our shifts in a very convenient and economical way." - Rick Pruden, Electrical Engineer, Bundy Corporation

Product # 712
One DVD Program and one Student Kit- $362

Product # 
Each additional Student Kit for DVD includes one reference handbook and course completion certificate - $32
Topics covered in each DVD

This program covers the most fundamental and important troubleshooting skills needed in the plant. It's not enough to know what the different components do—your people need a quick way of identifying and solving control circuit problems.

Combine this program with Product # 711 (Understanding Electrical Diagrams and Control Circuits) for a complete control circuit toolkit.

Get Back On-Line Fast—Cut Production Losses
  • Follow our systematic approach to troubleshooting electrical systems both at the power source and the control circuit
  • Find short circuits and faulty components quickly—get back up and running fast
  • Install power and phase monitors to detect dangerous conditions before causing costly motor damage
  • Perform dynamic and static preventive maintenance inspections
  • Troubleshoot control circuit logic using ladder and wiring diagrams
  • Learn how a phase imbalance will make your motors run hot—solve the problem and prevent insulation breakdown


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