Understanding Electrical Diagrams and Control Circuits


Part 1 (26:10 min)
  • Control Circuit Components and Representation
  • Power Continuity
  • AND-OR-NOT Circuit Logic: Understanding and Application
  • Electrical Diagrams: Ladder, Wiring (Motor Circuits) &Layout
  • Proper Reading, Referencing, Interpretation, Design, and Implementation of Electrical Control Diagrams
  • Control Circuit Examples and Implementation
Part 2 (26:02 min)
  • Adding Interlocking Memory to a Control Circuit
  • Types of Control Circuit Interlocking: Mechanical, Push Button, and Electrical
  • Magnetic Starter Wiring Diagrams
  • Interpretation of More Complex Ladder Diagrams
  • Layout and Connection Diagrams
  • Component Placement and Wiring



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