Understanding 3-Phase Power
and Plant Distribution
"I really like your training programs. My staff basically grabs a tape and trains themselves" - Dale Lancaster, Maintenance Manager, Color Box, Inc.

Product # 702
One DVD Program and one Student Kit- $362

Product #
Each additio
nal Student Kit for DVD includes one reference handbook and course completion certificate - $32

Topics covered in each DVD

This program will give everyone in your plant a solid understanding of the basics of power generation and distribution. Everyone who works with, or around, electrical equipment needs to know how to protect themselves and your equipment.

Use this program to cross train your mechanics in the basics of electricity and cut your power bills at the same time!

Everyone Will Understand the Basics of Power in the Plant
  • Cut your power bills and extend the life of your equipment by using power factor correction
  • Choose the safest methods for power distribution
  • Understand why motors and their voltages are designed the way they are
  • Configure wye and delta branch and feeder circuits to provide a balanced power system
  • Learn which voltage connection to avoid to prevent equipment damage
  • Rectify AC power into DC power
  • Determine phase-to-phase and phase-to-neutral voltages and currents

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