PLC Video Training Series
Program Contents

(Available in DVD. CD-Rom Interactive April 2014)

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Section 1
This section covers the PLC Fundamentals:

  • Completely understand PLC operation and its interaction with the outside world
  • Apply PLCs to improve manufacturing, reduce costs, and cut troubleshooting time
  • Learn how ASCII and BCD codes are used in PLC systems
  • Learn the relationship between a relay system and a PLC-based system using ladder diagrams
  • Configure output rungs using the three basic logic operations (AND, OR, NOT)

Includes three programs:

  • Introduction to Programmable Controllers (27:55 min)
  • Number Systems and Codes - their uses and applications in PLCs (25:15 min)
  • Logic Functions and How They Relate to PLC Systems (20:56 min)

Section 2
This section covers PLC Operation:

  • Choose the correct power supply for your PLC system and avoid intermittent power problems
  • Master I/O mapping and chassis configuration and avoid problems during system implementation
  • Configure memory data tables correctly
  • Learn all you need about analog control—I/O devices, signals, representation, handling, and interfacing
  • Learn to properly install analog transducer/transmitters and avoid intermittent count jump problems

Includes three programs:

  • General CPU Operations, Memory System, and PLC I/O Addressing (47:20 min)
  • Discrete Input/Output Systems (45:15 min)
  • Analog Input/Output Systems (49:32 min)

Section 3
This section covers PLC Programming and Control System Implementation:

  • Change hardwired logic to PLC logic
  • Eliminate electromechanical reverse flow in a PLC ladder logic implementation
  • Solve the mystery of programming a normally closed input as a normally open reference in a PLC and maintain a fail-safe operation
  • Use flow control instructions to solve scan time problems
  • Avoid troubleshooting nightmares—learn how to use subroutines to implement structured programming and pinpoint problems quickly
  • Convert electromechanical master control relays into PLC MCR circuits and avoid costly programming and troubleshooting problems
  • Modernize your system—follow our four-step process to ensure a trouble-free implementation
  • Create meaningful documentation—learn to flowchart your system correctly
  • Safeguard your PLC-based system—know which portions to leave hardwired for safety reasons
  • Create effective output sequences and avoid confusion and wasted time during program coding

Includes four programs:

  • Introduction to PLC Software Programming and Basic Relay Programming Instructions (49:59 min)
  • Timer, Counter Program Flow Control and Arithmetic Programming Instruction (42:33 min)
  • Data Manipulation, Data Handling and Data Transfer Programming Instructions(43:40 min)
  • PLC Control System Implementation and Programming (51:20 min)

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